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The term "Au Pair" means "on par" or an equal and in order to build up and have a happy Au Pair he or she should be treated like a member of your family.  Bunnies Nanny Agency Limited have been supplying Au Pairs to families in Brighton and the surrounding areas since 1994.  Au Pairs generally come from within the EU (please ask us if you require further information).  Au Pairs come to England to live with a family in order to learn the language and culture and can be male or female.  Au Pairs are usually aged between 17 and 27 (this is the upper age limit) and are an excellent choice for those families with older children who are at school most of the day.  Families with very young children also find them extremely helpful as an extra pair of hands at bathtimes and mealtimes and helping with light housework.  Their duties can include the school run, preparing the tea for the children,putting them to bed etc. Please note your Au Pair is not a domestic servant and should only be doing light housework.

It must be noted that an Au Pair is not allowed to have sole charge of a baby aged 2 or under.

Whether you require a long term Au Pair (one who wishes to stay between 6 and 12 months) or your requirement is for a short term Au Pair (these are usually foreign university students wishing to stay only 3 months or perhaps less) we are happy  to help you.  The maximim time your Au Pair can stay with you is 2 years so long as they comply with Home Office rules.

Your Au Pair will pay for her own travel to and from England although you will be required to meet her at her destination ie airport, train station, port. Your Au Pair must be given her own room and be paid approx £60 per week and receive full board (this payment is called "pocket money").  He/she is expected to work 25 hours a week (normally 5 hours a day) and have two full days off.  Your Au Pair is required to do two evenings of babysitting per week.  Occasionally the Au Pair may like to go out on a Saturday and therefore flexibility and consideration on both sides makes for a happy home. Your Au Pair must be allowed to attend English classes (he or she will pay their college fees). typically twice a week.  We will be happy to advise your Au Pair of suitable language schools and prices etc.

Your Au Pair is entitled to one weeks paid holiday every six months and may take time off over Christmas and the New Year.  It is wise to discuss any pre-existing holiday arrangements your Au Pair may have made before she comes to the UK to avoid any confusion later. 

Au Pair Plus

Only EU citizens can work as an Au Pair Plus.  He/she has exactly the same role as an Au Pair but is expected to work 30 hours a week and is paid between £70-90 a week.  An Au Pair Plus must have one full day off a week.  An Au Pair Plus can be asked to do up to two evenings of babysitting a week (Monday to Friday) and occasionally on Saturdays.

If it is the case that you do not have children but would like to employ an Au Pair  to look after your garden or any pets then we advise you to employ a male Au Pair.

Please note if you are not happy with your Au Pair under our Agency terms and conditions you are required to give us two weeks notice and the Au Pair two weeks notice.

Finally, if you are requiring an Au Pair or an Au Pair looking for work please do not hesitate to contact Elaine on 01273 505001.




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